Hidden Costs of Optimum Internet – Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever looked at your bill and exclaimed in utter frustration because you have no clue where all the extra costs came from? There are so many times when you get hold of a service that seems to be downright reasonable. But that’s only because you haven’t read the fine print in your excitement. Yet.

The attractive price plans may entice you but don’t let that blind you. As a potential customer, you should always be aware of all the hidden costs that could pop up all of a sudden at the final checkout.

Stow away your magnifying glass if this has got you worried. Because we have done all the research for you:

Pros & Cons of Optimum That You Don’t Want to Miss!

Known for its uber-fast fiber speeds, Optimum offers a spectacular range of services to some 1848 ZIP codes across the country. One of the major benefits of having Optimum as a service provider is that it’s a contract-free and cap-free service, which even offers a $500 contract buyout. But that’s not only the benefit this ISP offers; all its internet plans offer speeds that soar as high as 1 Gbps! This is followed by free equipment installation if you order online.

On the other hand, it’s not without its set of cons, like anything else in the world. You can select internet-only plans or bundle it up with either a residential phone or TV service. However, service freedom with the other two kinds is not accessible. Furthermore, the limited fiber availability of Optimum  internet is one of the biggest drawbacks since it is accessible to residents in the tri-state area only. This means that unless you are not located in New Jersey, Brooklyn, Long Island, or Connecticut, you might not be able to enjoy Optimum’s fiber service. However, other than its fiber service’s limited availability, you can still find Optimum’s cable network in over 21 states!  Lastly, Optimum does not require annual contracts but it does offer promo-based pricing. This means that you are most likely to see unexpected price hikes after the said promo period is over.

How Much Does Optimum Cost Every Month?

Optimum offers stand-alone internet and service bundles, which are just too good to be missed! So, whether you want to pick an internet-only plan or an internet + TV package or want to get all three for your household, here’s a basic outline for you:

Standalone Optimum Internet Plans

Interested in a consistent connection? Try Optimum Internet, which offers speedy plans in over 21 states! Its stand-alone internet service starts at $40 a month, for 1 year plus taxes (includes auto-pay and paperless bill). Offering a download speed of 300 Mbps along with unlimited data, this plan involves a modem and Wi-Fi extender as well. But this is not the only plan that Optimum has! There is an Optimum 500 Plan that’s priced at $60 per month while the Optimum 1 Gig is priced at $80 per month. We suggest that you dial 844-520-8978 and speak to one of the Optimum experts to find out more about these budget-friendly and contract-free plans.

Optimum TV & Internet Double Play

With Optimum, you can now watch your favorite TV shows anytime you want. With some of the best entertainment options in the basic TV plan, Optimum provides customers with a myriad of choices to choose from. So whether it’s access to free HD TV to a diverse channel menu, streaming, On Demand, or even TV on the go, you will never have to worry about missing your favorites! Call 844-520-8978 now and check the availability of the various offers in your region.

Optimum Equipment

Optimum offers several different equipment options:

FREE Optimum Gateway 6

Opt for Optimum’s modem-router combo device with the Smart Wi-Fi 6 tech, so that each corner of your house gets a robust internet signal and you receive amazing service around the clock! However, you can also get your own modem/router device. Just make sure that it is compatible with Optimum. This offer is only valid for new and eligible customers.

FREE Optimum Extender for Eligible Customers

The Wi-Fi extender is one nifty piece of tech! It doesn’t only help the internet signal reach far and wide but ensures that no corner is missed. If you are unsure whether you require an extender, Optimum will send a technician to your house and get the right recommendation curated for your house.

Optimum Amplify

This is available for two payment options – monthly for $10 or making a one-time purchase for $399. Optimum Amplify is a smart speaker that comes with Devialet audio, voice control, and Alexa integration. You can easily use it to control your HD TV or for games and music plays.

Are There Any Hidden Costs for Optimum-Related Equipment?

Well, there are two service charges, which may seem extra because the service provider doesn’t make it clear to the new customer what these two are for. The first charge that may seem additional is the one reserved for the service equipment. New customers have the option to either rent or purchase internet equipment from Optimum i.e. router and modem. If you select the rental option, then you will get the Wi-Fi router for free from the provider. The fee for the monthly rental is a mere $10 but if you have opted for an additional Wi-Fi extender, the overall cost will see an increase.

On the other hand, if you choose to buy an internet modem on your own, then you need to ensure that it is compatible with an ISP like Optimum because the provider doesn’t facilitate technical assistance to such independent customers. But this is not the only area that gets confusing when it comes to charges. If you have selected to bundle TV service and internet together or have opted for all three, then you have to pay an extra $20 monthly for TV equipment.

Optimum versus the Competitors

Optimum is a terrific option if you are located in New York or the tri-state region. If one matches Optimum with a service like Xfinity, then speeds offered by Xfinity are comparatively slower and don’t offer that much value for money either, as many of Optimum’s packages do. Plus, the monthly equipment fee for Xfinity’s modem and router combo device is higher than what you get with Optimum. No wonder, Optimum is the better deal.

When it comes to Spectrum vs Optimum, the former has some top-of-the-range TV bundle packages, which bring great value. Both providers offer unlimited data allowances and do not require any long-term contracts. In this aspect, both are the same. But Optimum offers 100% fiber service in some of its service areas while Spectrum covers over 40 states with a hybrid fiber-coaxial network.  Optimum internet plans have better rates too, with the basic internet plan starting at $40/mo., while Spectrum internet plans start at $49.99/mo. for the same speed.


Optimum is taking the win – with coverage in 21 states, unlimited data plans, cheap internet, and fiber services available in select areas, it has successfully gained a reputation. It is the 4th largest cable provider in the US today. Therefore, it is a viable option for most households. Just for your own sake, make sure you have gone through the hidden costs that may reflect on your monthly bills.

So there you go! Click here to find out more about one of America’s favorite internet service providers: https://www.buytvinternetphone.com/spectrum/phone-number

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Optimum come with equipment and installation charges?

Optimum installation costs between $99 and $149, which is a one-time fee. If you order online, you may become eligible for free installation. You will have to pay a monthly fee of $10 for equipment rental.

How much does Optimum internet cost?

Optimum opens its internet-only plans starting from$40 a month, which can go up to $80. Every plan varies by speed, hence the prices vary too.

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