Buy Your Blackstone Original 36in Griddle from BBQs 2u Today!

BBQs 2u is one of the family-based companies in the UK known for their passion for barbeque and grill foods.

This company has been introducing various new products on the market related to such foods. Many of the top brands of barbeque and grill ovens are available in its store.

Blackstone 36″ Griddle is also one of the new products that you can buy from the showroom of BBQs 2u!

What are the key features and benefits?

1.      Expansive cooking surface

It offers 5 square feet of cooking space, perfect for diverse culinary creations. Whether for breakfast or barbecue, it accommodates multiple dishes simultaneously, enhancing your cooking experience.

2.      4-zone heat control

The Blackstone Original 36” Griddle features four independent stainless-steel burners for precise heat control. With 4-zone heat control, it enables simultaneous cooking of diverse ingredients, from searing steaks to sautéing vegetables.

3.      Versatile hood

Enhance your outdoor cooking with the included hood, transforming the Griddle into an oven-like environment. Ideal for baking pizzas, roasting meat, or keeping dishes warm, it offers endless culinary possibilities to impress guests.

4.      Durability and stability

The Blackstone Original 36” Griddle with Hood features a sturdy steel frame and thick cold-rolled steel top, built to endure outdoor cooking. Its durable design ensures longevity and stability for reliable culinary experiences.

5.      Convenient Cleanup

Cleanup is easy with the Blackstone Original 36” Griddle with Hood. Its grease management system at the rear channels grease into a removable tray, simplifying maintenance and allowing more time for enjoyment.

Why should you prefer this product?

1.      Unmatched versatility

The Blackstone Original 36” Griddle with Hood offers ample cooking space and versatility, enabling the exploration of various cooking techniques from breakfast to dinner, unlocking endless culinary possibilities.

2.      Precise heat control

With four independent burners, the Blackstone Original 36” Griddle ensures precise heat control for creating various cooking zones and simultaneously preparing multiple dishes with ease and perfection.

3.      Convenience

Spend less time cleaning with the easy-to-clean design and removable grease tray of the Blackstone Original 36” Griddle. Enjoy more moments savouring delicious food with loved ones.


Brief review

Entertain large gatherings with the Blackstone Original 36” Griddle with Hard Cover. Perfect for backyard parties or neighbourhood barbecues, its patented Omnivore Griddle Plate ensures quick recovery, prevents warping, and conserves fuel for sustained high heat performance.

The Blackstone Original 36” Griddle with Hard Cover offers 768 square inches of cooking space, ideal for preparing ample meals for any time of day. Four independent heat zones facilitate simultaneous cooking for efficiency.

The Blackstone Original 36” Griddle with Hard Cover features dual side shelves with tool hooks and a magnetic tool bar for convenient tool storage and extra prep space. Easily wheel it for storage.

This 36” griddle is perfect for large gatherings or for those who appreciate ample cooking space, making it an ideal addition to your outdoor kitchen.

So, what are you waiting for? Place your order for the Blackstone Original 36” Griddle from BBQs 2u and take benefits of the generous Loyalty Programme. You may also see the YouTube video of this product before making your final decision.

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